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Brent O'Gara
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So this is my dA page, and it's got my art on it... why would you ever want to know my personal details?


Dreaming on the Balcony by BrentOGara
Dreaming on the Balcony
There are perks to being an ageless sorceress tyrant... like a personal balcony on the tallest tower of the keep. High above the lake, there is no one to see her dreaming of her Lord... whomever he might be. Her flawless skin fairly glows in the sultry cloudless night beneath the dim beams of a crescent moon... and the blue gleam of her eyes. Someday her prince will come... and on that day she'll ensorcell his mind with her magic and his heart with her beauty.

UPDATE: 2-11-2014 I changed the angle and strength of the moonlight to better highlight her curves, and darkened the stone of the balcony to a mottled granite, rather than grey marble.
What Amounts to Isometrics by BrentOGara
What Amounts to Isometrics
My 3D rendered take on :iconbaronkastigrobeefdip:'s lovely image What amounts to childhood.

Fair awoke somewhere new. There was something cool and hard digging into her wrists, and the ground beneath her was smooth and faintly warm. It thrummed, a deep sub-audible hum that blocked her sense of the room's size or what might be beyond the dark gleaming walls. Harsh actinic light glared down, ruining her night vision, reducing the distant walls to black nothingness and vague hulking shapes. She pushed herself to her feet. Her nostrils flared as she searched for scents... nothing, besides her own ever-present odor. The air was just warm enough that she didn't feel chilled in her shift, and far too humid... sweat would not evaporate here.

The weight of chains dragged down her arms with almost musical chimes. They were anchored to the floor with heavy metal hemispheres, dim green bands lit around the circumference. Fair curled a tightly-muscled arm, testing the length and weight of her bonds. She'd have to kneel to or bend low to bring a hand to her mouth, which was just one more annoyance in a room that had been designed for such. Fair shifted her weight onto her right foot, curling her arms, testing the strength of the chains.

The chiming of the links stopped as the chain pulled taut, the cuff digging into her wrist. She increased the pressure, straining. The green bands on the anchor flashed yellow, then red. A subtle current ran through the metal, buzzing in her muscles, filling her body with a strange static that left her trembling. Fair bent her entire body against the strain, lips pulled up in a feral snarl. It would take more than mere pain to stop her. The electric current intensified the longer she pulled against the chain, and soon she was convulsing as her muscles cramped and twisted in the electric stream.

She let her arm fall to her side. The lit bands flashed green and the current cut off. She stood there trembling with the exertion, sweat running down her lithe brown body. The snarl on her lips relaxed into a smile as she shifted her weight onto her left foot, arm curling against the weight of the chain, muscles taut in anticipation of the current that would follow.

She could use this.
Cycles: Branched Path, Path Tracing: LuxRender Bi by BrentOGara
Cycles: Branched Path, Path Tracing: LuxRender Bi
I was testing a crystal with dispersion (topaz) material I'd made when I noticed that Blender's Cycles render engine gave vastly different output depending on whether I was using standard Path tracing or Branched path tracing. These images are the same material in the same scene with the same settings, except the top left and both bottom renders use Branched Path tracing while the top right render uses Path tracing.

There is not supposed to be a visible difference in the output of the two tracing algorithms. To over-simplify quite a lot, Path tracing simply traces a path from the camera to a light, recording what it bounced off of as it does so. It traces a lot (millions or billions usually) of these paths, in these particular images about 4096 paths were traced for each pixel. Branched Path tracing does the same thing, but it allows you to specify how many paths are traced for different surface interactions.

The reason Branched Path tracing exists is to let you 'fine tune' how long cycles spends rendering parts of the image. Quite often diffuse materials look pretty good with just a few paths traced, but glossy and transparent materials need more render time to look smooth.

The rendered result is supposed to be the same, just smoother... not brighter and more colorful.

I ran a bunch of test renders, using different settings and different choice of lights to trace, but in every case Branched Path looks better, and I can't figure out why.

In any event, if you're rendering complex transparent objects in Cycles, try using Branched Path tracing... it might just look better for no identifiable reason. It also doesn't take any longer to render.

UPDATE: I've been playing with the new LuxCore (basically Luxrender 2.0) with Blender. I rendered out the same scene in LuxRender using the original render system (1.something) and the new LuxCore (2.something). I used the built-in Topaz settings and a volume scatter/absorption material with appropriate colors. I somehow managed to leave the walls and floor the original grey instead of white, which darkens the entire render... but the results were interesting enough that I posted it anyway. It's interesting how much faster the new LuxCore renders, same time, twice the samples.
Jazz Lizard's : That Lady From Inside Your TV by BrentOGara
Jazz Lizard's : That Lady From Inside Your TV
My wife loves the character of Sadako, and I love :iconjazzlizard:'s insanely busty ladies. That Lady from Inside your TV was therefore a piece I had to try my hand at. I brought her a bit further out of the screen... the better to see her lovely thick hips. This is probably the 'final' version, unless I come back and change it later, of course.

Daz Studio Genesis 2 Female with Victoria 6 and Bree textures. All other models/textures/mapping/rendering/etc. by me in Blender.
  • Mood: Love Dazed
  • Listening to: The whir of my computer's fans.
  • Reading: "Random" pages of TV Tropes
  • Watching: Nothing really... game trailers, most recently
  • Playing: Ninja Trader (it's NOT a game!)
  • Eating: Funfetti Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge frosting
  • Drinking: Dr. Chill I stole from Jake
For the first time in my life, I have an actual Valentine on Valentine's Day :love: My Fiancee :iconsadakonhomyne: (who lurks more, and posts not at all) is wonderful and lovely and all that is good in my life. Which is terribly sappy, but also true. My 'decorations' in my most recent photo (as of this writing) is courtesy of her lovely luscious lips(tick). Don't blame her for the foundation, blush, or mascara though... that was all me. You can get really bored hanging out in Sephora waiting for a cute girl to decide on 'stuff'... and everyone else was doing it!

I want everyone to know I love MMP, and I'm going to marry her! :D

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